ClearBrain's Causal Analytics platform enables you to build any behavioral audience of your choice, and in seconds analyze its engagement and demographic patterns.

In Insights when you analyze a specific audience you will find the Demographics section at the bottom of the page. Displayed will be two visualizations - a time engagement graph and a map.

The Engagement graph visualizes a heatmap of when your audience was active in the last week (i.e. performed any behavior). On the x-axis is the day of the week, and on the y-axis is the time of day in 3-hour windows. Visualized are the days/times in which your audience is most active or performing any behavior in your app. The Map graph visualizes which countries your audience engages in, with the darker the color indicating a higher percentage of users in that locale.

In both visualizations when you hover over, the count of users in the respective time cohort or location will be displayed. In turn, the graphs provide a useful insight into understanding when and where to best engage your users.

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