ClearBrain's Causal Analytics platform enables you to build any behavioral audience of your choice, and in seconds analyze the composition of the audience by attributes such as locale, browser, referrer, UTM, and more.

Near the bottom of the Audience Insights page you will find an Attributes section. This section provides both a list of attributes as well as a simple pie chart visualization breaking down the composition of this audience towards the attribute you have selected.

The components of the section include:

  • Attribute Toggle: In the top right is a toggle which allows you to choose a category of attributes - e.g. Browser, First Referrer, Recent User Agent, etc
  • Attribute: A list of the attributes related to this audience - e.g. if you selected "Recent User Agent" possible value include chrome, safari, etc.
  • Users with Attribute: The count of users who exhibit this attribute, and the percentage they represent of the total audience
  • Correlation Index: How much more likely this audience is to exhibit this attribute, relative to the average user

This section in turn provides you with a fast way to break down any audience by its composition.

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