ClearBrain's Causal Analytics platform enables you to build any behavioral audience of your choice, and in seconds analyze how they perform towards your most important funnels.

Analyzing a Funnel

When loading an audience from the Insights page you will find a Funnels section. Funnels analyze how many users in your audience perform specific behaviors in a sequence, and monitor how the likelihood to convert towards a selected goal changes at each step of the Funnel. Funnels enable you to assess which audiences are more likely to reach your goal, and which ones are getting stuck at critical steps.

There are a set of unique insights provided in the Funnel visualization: 

  • Number of Users: The count of users who have performed the sequential set of actions.
  • Drop-Off Rates: The percentage drop-off in the count of users between two subsequent steps of the Funnel
  • Time Between Steps: The average amount of time it takes a user to proceed between steps of the Funnel
  • Likelihood to Convert: The average probability of a user to convert towards your Goal, when they have reached a specific step of the Funnel

You can also toggle the visualization between two views: Number of Users and Probability. The former will visualize the count of users at each step, while the latter will visualize the likelihood to convert towards the goal as users perform each sequential step of the Funnel. 

By default, the Insights page will load your "Primary Funnel" (as configured in the Data Settings section below), though you can choose from any of your configured funnels in the "Customer Funnels" list. 

Configuring a Funnel

The funnels available to visualize in the Audience Insights page can be configured in the Data - Funnels settings page.

At the bottom of the Data page you will find a list of the available funnels you have already preconfigured. To create a new Funnel, click the "Add a New Funnel" button. 

This will load up the Funnel Creation modal:

Within the Funnel Creation Modal, you can select which user behavior you would like to constitute each step of your Funnel. You can choose up to 5 different actions (note each step must be a different user behavior).

Once you save the funnel, ClearBrain will start to precompute the funnel visualization for you audiences. It will take 1-2 minutes for the Funnel to be accessible in your Audience Insights. 

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