ClearBrain enables you to build any behavioral audience and analyze its performance to any conversion goal. 

To create a new audience, simply go to the "Insights" tab and click "Create a New Audience" in the navigation. You will be prompted to select a preconfigured conversion goal, upon which you will see the following Audience Creation screen.

Audience Options

On this page you will see a couple options to get started:

  • All Users: Analyze all your users and what causes them to convert towards your selected goal  
  • Recommended Audience: Choose from recommended audiences that ClearBrain's AI based system has identified. Options include an "efficient" audience which represents the top 5% of users by likelihood to convert, and an "incremental" audience by the 80%-95% likelihood to convert. 
  • Custom Audience: Build your own audience with custom behavioral and attribute filters  

Building a Custom Audience

If you select to build your own custom audience, you will be presented with a popup modal:

In this Audience Creation modal, you will be given two options.

Audience Filters

The first is to define filters with respect to the audience you would like to build. These can include behavioral filters like "Has Done --> Page View --> Checkout --> All Time" or "Has Not Done --> Event --> Sign Up --> Last Week". You can also specify the audience further by Attribute filters like "Browser", "Locale", "Referrer", etc.

You can thus build any behavioral cohort or audience of your choice. 

Propensity Filters

The second option within your audience builder is something unique to ClearBrain - the ability to build an audience by their future likelihood to convert. For any selected conversion goal, ClearBrain's AI system analyzes every single users future likelihood to convert. In turn, we enable you to build an audience not just by behavioral filters of what they've done in the past, but also their likelihood to perform a goal in the future.

For instance, if you want to build an audience of only the top 17% of users by their future likelihood to convert, simply select the 83%-100% range (as above). If you want to analyze all users within a behavioral audience however, just leave the propensity range as 0%-100%. 

Note: Propensity filters are only available when there is a minimum of 2 weeks of historical data associated with the selected conversion Goal

Analyze & Save Your Audience

Once you've built the audience of your choice, simply click "Run Analysis" and ClearBrain will analyze what causes this audience to convert towards your selected goal.

If you'd like to revisit the audience you've built, simply click the "Save Audience" button in the top right of the page, and provide a name for the audience. You can then revisit any of your saved audiences from the side navigation in the Insights section, or from the Audiences List.

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