All your conversion Goals can be monitored and viewed from the Goals Dashboard, 

The Goals Dashboard provides a list of all your configured Goals, while enabling you to monitor their performance, edit their settings, or view individual Goals.

Navigating the Goal List

There are a couple different ways to navigate your Goal List to find your Goal of interest.

In the top right of the Goal List is a Search Bar, which you can use to search by any keyword and the resulting Goal will be filtered.

Additionally, you can filter your Goals by tag. In the left side navigation bar, you will find the list of tags you have configured. Selecting on an individual tag will filter your Goal List to only those goals with the associated tag.

Monitoring Goal Conversions & Forecasts

On the right side of the Goal Dashboard, you will notice a "Conversions" column. This column tracks for each Goal you have configured the performance towards the respective target behaviors.

The left sub-column number indicates the historical # of conversions towards your Goal in the previous week. The right sub-column number in turn specifies the forecasted # of conversions for the current week. 

From a single view, you can in turn see how well you are performing towards all your KPIs and Goals, and how you are trending towards the future as well.

Editing Goals

You can also easily update any active Goal from this Dashboard. 

By clicking the "Gear" icon to the right of the selected Goal, you will have two options: Archive and Delete. Archiving a Goal will pause it from calculating conversions and pause it from being used in any associated audiences. You can however re-enable it at anytime. Deleting a Goal will permanently delete the Goal (and any associated audiences) from your dashboard.

Viewing Goals

Lastly from the Goal List, you can click the "View" button to see any individual Goal you have configured and saved. 

For more information on viewing an individual Goal, see the Analyze your Goal article, 

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