ClearBrain can be used for both retargeting and new user acquisition, namely through tools like Facebook's Lookalike Audiences which help you find new potential users that look like your best existing users. 

Specifically, ClearBrain has a unique way of integrating with Facebook Lookalikes. Using Facbeook's Value Optimization API, ClearBrain uploads your list of users to Facebook while also appending each users' probability to convert as an extra value column. This augments Facebook's matching algorithms for even better Lookalikes and higher conversion rates.

To get started, go to your Exports Tab, and click "New Export". Select the predictive audience of interest, choose the Facebook destination. and then select the "Lookalike" option.

In the Lookalike Facebook export modal, you'll be presented with the same set of form fields as you would in a normal Facebook export

Simply select the set of users you would like to export, and ClearBrain will automatically create a Custom Audience in Facebook with the selected users along with their associated probabilities.

In Facebook's Ad Manager, this new Custom Audience will show up in your Audiences tab along with a categorization of "Value-Based". This will indicate that your exported audience of users also includes their probabilistic value for the prediction you exported.

To complete the Lookalike creation, select "Create Audience" in Ad Manager, and "Lookalike Audience" from the dropdown menu.

In the "Source" field, select the value-based audience you exported from ClearBrain, and complete the Lookalike creation as you normally would. 

Facebook will in turn use this Lookalike audience to find new users who look like your predicted users, and effectively improve your conversion rate optimization.

Note: To enable your business to use Facebook value optimized lookalikes, your business must accept the value optimized custom audience Terms of Service in Facebook Business Manager.


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