ClearBrain allows you to suppress or delete end users you control automatically from our UI, to enable you to comply with GDPR and CCPA legislations. For our system, we define "Suppression" and "Deletion" as follows:

  • Suppression: ClearBrain will suppress user data from processing in our system. Data related to suppressed data subjects will not be used to train the predictive segments we make and will not be exported to other sources. We will continue to ingest data related to that user, but we will not process it.
  • Deletion: ClearBrain will remove all personal data related to the deleted user from our internal identity system. The only hashed reference remaining will serve the purpose to prevent us from ingesting data related to that user in the future. All deleted references will not be included in the processing or training of ClearBrain predictions.

Please note that we do not coordinate your data subject request with other processors that we export to. We can only cease to send user data suppressed or deleted to those processors.

To Delete or Suppress your user in ClearBrain, Go to the "Settings" tab and scroll down to our "End User Privacy" section. Enter the unique identifier or email of the user. 

Once you've entered the request you will see a reference to it appear in a Data Subject Requests table along with a Status. The phases for our Data Subject Requests are "Received", then "In Progress" and finally, "Completed". You will receive an email updating you on the status of your request as we process and complete it.

If you need to make requests besides user deletion and suppression for data we process, please email

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