Note: this integration is available to Enterprise customers only at this time.

mParticle customers who use ClearBrain can seamlessly deliver behavioral data from mobile and web to drive causal analytics and understand what causes your users to convert or churn.

Implementing ClearBrain via the mParticle Events integration just takes a couple steps.

Step 1: Create an mParticle Connection in ClearBrain

First you'll need to create a new connection in ClearBrain. 

In the ClearBrain app, go to the Connections Tab, and click the "New Connection" button. Choose the mParticle option, and a list of form fields will appear:

  • Connection Name: Give your connection a unique name; this is the name the connection will display within ClearBrain, e.g. "mParticle-ClearBrain connection"

Once entered, click the "Create Connection" button.

Step 2: Copy your ClearBrain Security Token

After creating a connection in ClearBrain, you will be directed to a confirmation page with additional details.

This page will contain a Security Token (pictured above). This is the security token you will enter back in mParticle to export your data into ClearBrain.

Copy this Security Token, and proceed to your mParticle account.

Step 3: Create a ClearBrain connection in mParticle

Next, proceed to your mParticle account and go to the Connection tab. Select ClearBrain from the options available, and enter the security token you copied in Step 2 when prompted. 

See mParticle’s Platform Guide for general help configuring ClearBrain in mParticle, or visit the mParticle integration Center for more information specific to the ClearBrain Event integration.

Once the connection is set up, your mParticle data will start streaming to ClearBrain. To create predictions however, we'll need a minimum of 2 weeks of historical data.

To accelerate this process, you can contact your mParticle account manager to replay your historical data. In either case, you will be notified automatically by ClearBrain when enough historical data has been collected, and you can start creating predictions in ClearBrain.

(Optional): Create an mParticle export connection

ClearBrain also allows you to export your user predictive scores back into mParticle as a User Attribute. 

To do so, go to your mParticle UI, and find the Application Key and Application Secret for the mParticle Project you want to export your predictive scores back into. 

With the API Key copied, return to the ClearBrain UI and create a new connection, choosing the "Export Connection" option this time. Enter the API Key you copied into the field "mParticle Application Key", and the Secret into the field "mParticle Application Secret".

Click "Create Connection" to save the export connection details.

Note: Exporting data back into mParticle from ClearBrain is only available to Enterprise customers at this time.

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