ClearBrain enables you to predict and retarget your users in several ways. Sometimes you'll want to retarget users who have the highest probability for a single prediction goal. But other times you'll want to group users by comparing their probabilities for different prediction goals.

This is particularly useful in cases where your app has multiple subscription or product categories. For instance say you have two plan types - Starter and Enterprise, and want to run a subscription upsell campaign to Starter. You'll want to target users who have a high probability to purchase Starter, but only if the probability is higher than their probability to purchase Enterprise.

Group Exports in ClearBrain helps you do just that. Using a simple UI, you can select a set of predictions, and group your users into distinct audiences by the prediction with the highest probability. This way you can ensure every user receives a single experience for each distinct product or subscription category.

Step 1: Select an Export Destination

Creating a Group Export takes a couple steps, with several points of customization available.

First go to your Exports tab in ClearBrain at, and click the "New Group Export" button. This will prompt a dialog box where you can choose an export connection destination. You will be able to choose from any of the connections you have configured on the Connections tab, including Facebook, Optimizely, Hubspot, and more.

Once a particular Connection is selected, you will be prompted to enter additional configuration details specific to the destination (e.g. Ad Account for Facebook, Key Field ID for Optimizely). 

Step 2: Choose a Group Name

Once you've configured the connection details, you can choose a name for the Group of exports you will create. 

Simply enter a name for the Group in the field provided "Group Name". This is the name that will be displayed within the ClearBrain UI to group the collection of audiences you will create in Step 3 below.

Step 3: Select your Predictions

Next, you will choose which predictions you would like to be in the Group Export. 

Under the "Prediction" column, you will see a dropdown menu which contains a list of all the predictions you have created on the Predictions tab. Choose the prediction you would like to export from the dropdown. 

To select additional predictions to include in the Group Export, click the "+" button below the prediction you just selected.  

This will prompt a second dropdown menu where you can choose another prediction.

Selecting multiple predictions will in turn group your users into the audience for which they have the highest probability. So if you select two predictions A and B, users will be grouped into two audiences - one which includes users with prediction A > B, and the other where prediction A < B. 

Lastly, enter a name for each predictive audience. This is the name of the audience it will be displayed in the export destination you selected in Step 1. As a general tip, use names like "{group_name}_propensity_highest_{prediction_name}" - as the Group Export is essentially comparing and filtering your users into distinct audiences based on the predictions in the Group.

Step 4: Select a Propensity Range and Weight for your Predictions

As an optional customization parameter, you can choose to select only a subset of users in your Group Export.

For instance, say you only want to export users who have a propensity of > 50% in both predictions. You can in turn use the "Range Selector" to filter by whatever range you'd like.

Alternatively, say you don't simply want to group users into the prediction they have the highest probability for. For instance, perhaps Prediction B has higher LTV for you than Prediction A, so simply grouping by highest probability wouldn't work. In this scenario, you can use the "Weight" input to multiply each user's probability by an extra multiple, before they are grouped into the appropriate audience.

Step 5: Manage Your Group Exports

Once you've selected your respective predictions, the appropriate propensity range, and weight multiples, simply click "Save Exports", and your Group Exports will run!

Once complete, you will find your Group Exports at, at the bottom of the page. 

From the Group Exports list, clicking on a any specific group will show all the group's configured sub-audiences, propensity ranges, and weights that you entered in Step 4 above.

Lastly, if you ever want to pause or delete your Group Exports, you can click the menu icon to the right of each export.

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