ClearBrain enables you to both identify the users predicted to perform an action, as well as export those users to an Optimizely List Attribute. This enables you to automatically retarget predicted users in AB testing and Personalization campaigns.

To export your predicted users to Optimizely, first make sure you have an Optimizely connection enabled in your Connections Tab. Then proceed to the Predictions Tab to select the prediction you would like to export, and click the "Exports" tab on the sidebar. 

Click the "New Export" button in the respective Prediction, and a popup modal will appear with the following fields: 

  • Connection: A list of enabled Connections in your ClearBrain account; select "Optimizely"
  • Optimizely Account: A list of enabled Optimizely Connections; select the Account you would like to export to
  • Optimizely Project: A list of the Optimizely projects associated with your Optimizely account; select the project to which you would like to export your users to
  • Key Field Data Type: The mechanism by which you have instrumented your user primary key in the Optimizely snippet. Can be of either type: Cookies, Query Parameters, JS Variable, Zip Code (for more info, see Optimizely List Attributes)
  • Key Field ID: The distinct name of the primary key field used to identify your user as it appears in your Optimizely snippet (for more info, see Optimizely List Attributes)
  • Name: Provide a name for this group of users you would like to export; this will also be the name of the List Attribute in Optimizely
  • Description: An optional field to enter a more detailed description; this will also be the same description associated with the List Attribute in Optimizely
  • Propensity Range: Select a minimum and maximum ClearBrain Score for the predicted users you would like to export

Once the Export is saved, a List Attribute will be automatically created in Optimizely. ClearBrain exports a list of IDs for any associated users selected in the propensity range into this List Attribute by the Key Field ID you specify. Predicted users will be exported immediately on export creation, and refreshed every Sunday PM PST. 

You'll be able to find the exported List Attribute in the Audiences tab of your Optimizely project.

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