ClearBrain can connect to your data in Google BigQuery. You'll first give us read-only permission to access your data, then coordinate with ClearBrain Success to specify which datasets and tables should be extracted.

Our service account email is:

You'll need to grant the BigQuery Data Viewer role (bigquery.dataViewer) to this service account.  The following guide will walk step by step through this process using the Google IAM console.

Step 1: Visit the IAM console

The console can be found at

Step 2: Select the project to connect

Step 3: Add the ClearBrain connector as a BigQuery Data Viewer

Click the +ADD button to add the ClearBrain connector ( as a project member.  Grant the BigQuery Data Viewer (bigquery.dataViewer) role, then click Save.

Step 4: Verify connection

Verify that the project now has the ClearBrain connector user listed with the BigQuery Data Viewer role.

You may also wish to contact ClearBrain Success and we can quickly verify that we are able to ingest the desired datasets / tables.

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