ClearBrain doesn't just enable you to predict which users are likely to convert or churn - it helps you close the loop and retarget your highest likelihood users in a retargeting campaign. This is extremely powerful, as it enables you to target your users at the right time and place - when they have the highest intent to upgrade.

You can export predicted users for retargeting to any Export Connection that you have configured. These may include Facebook Custom Audiences for Ad Remarketing and Hubspot for Email Retargeting. Getting an Export set up just takes a couple steps.

Step 1: Choose a prediction to export

You can create an Export straight from your ClearBrain Dashboard at Click "New Export" and you will be directed to an Export Wizard creation form.

In the first step, you'll need to select a prediction to export. You can choose from any existing prediction you have already created, or create a new prediction. 

Step 2: Select an export destination

After you've selected a prediction, you'll be directed to choose an Export Destination to send your predicted users to.

You can select from any Export Connection you have configured, such as Facebook or Hubspot. Once selected, you can title the Export, and select the subset of users you would like to export by their respective ClearBrain Score range.

Step 3: Confirm your export details

In the last step of the Export Wizard you can review all the details of your Export - including the associated prediction and Export information.

When you're ready to proceed, simply click "Run Export" and your predicted users will be exported to the selected Export destination! 

For more details on how to create an export to specific destinations, and the differences between exporting to Facebook vs. Segment vs. Hubspot, check out the Help Docs here

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