Once you've connected a data source and it has been fully processed, you're ready to create your first prediction in ClearBrain!

ClearBrain makes it as simple as point-and-click to predict any user action or trait, and determine your users' relative likelihood to perform a goal. 

To get started, simply go to your dashboard at app.clearbrain.com/predictions and click the "New Prediction" button. You'll be directed to the Prediction Wizard, which allows you to both select a goal you would like to predict, as well as select the subset of users for whom you would like to analyze the goal.

Step 1: Choose a Prediction Goal

The first step is to select a Prediction Goal. You can select either an action as your target goal (e.g. clicked button, viewed page) or a trait (e.g. UTM source, Plan type) that you have tracked in your connected data sources. For more details on predicting by an action vs. trait, see the Help Docs here

After you have chosen a prediction goal, you can decide to predict your goal for all your users, or a subset using the Prediction Filter section.

Step 2: Filter your predicted users

Filtering your prediction allows you to analyze a prediction goal for just a subset of users. You can filter by any trait or action from your connected data sources, using AND/OR operators to create complex filter parameters.

Creating a filter can be important, as different subsets of users will have different propensities to perform the same goal. For instance, creating a churn prediction for all your users will simply return a list of users who have already churned. But if you filter for just your active users, you will get a more meaningful prediction.

Once you've chosen a prediction goal and selected a subset of users to target, you can proceed to the confirmation page.

Step 3: Confirm your prediction

In the last step of the Prediction Wizard you can provide a title for your prediction. This is the name that will be displayed in the ClearBrain UI for the respective prediction. 

When you're ready to proceed, simply click "Run Prediction" and your prediction will begin processing!

Predictions take between 15 - 30 min on average to process. ClearBrain will analyze your selected users and assess which of them performed your target goal in the prior week to determine which have the highest likelihood to perform the goal in the current week. 

Once your prediction has completed processing, you will be automatically notified via email. For details on how to analyze the results of your prediction when it is completed, see the Help Docs here

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