Once you've connected your user data to ClearBrain, the last step of setting up your account is to configure a funnel.

Setting up a funnel in ClearBrain will allow you to designate key conversion paths in your user journey, and in turn enable a set of powerful visualizations in your Audience Insights reports.

To get started, click the "Configure your first funnel" button, and a pop-up modal will appear.

This modal will enable you to select each step of your funnel. For instance if you have an e-commerce app, you could set "Add to Cart" as step 1, "Checkout" as step 2, and "Purchase" as step 3. You can configure up to 5 steps in your funnel.

Once you save your funnel, ClearBrain will automatically create conversion Goals for you based on the key steps in your funnel. Goals form the foundation of your analytics functionality in ClearBrain, enabling you to analyze a specific audience's performance towards the key conversion events in your Funnel. You can also always create more funnels by revisiting the "Data" tab in the ClearBrain app.

With your funnels set up, the ClearBrain app will precompute the results to enable fast visualizations of any configured funnel for any audience you create in the Insights section

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