ClearBrain uses proprietary machine learning techniques to enable you to predict any action in minutes. To enable this ease of prediction, some pre-processing of your data is required.

After you have created a data connection to import your user data into ClearBrain, we will start receiving your user traits and actions from sources like Segment or Heap Analytics. The data received from these connections however arrives in time-series, nested JSON, and disparate data-types. Machine learning models however only understand data in a columnar matrix of 0s and 1s or continuous variables.

ClearBrain will automatically transform your imported data into a columnar feature matrix that a machine learning model understands. Depending on the volume of data imported, this process can initially take 24-48 hours on creation of a connection. 

Once your data has been processed, you will be notified via email and ready to create your first prediction! 

Note: ClearBrain also needs a minimum of 2 weeks of user data from the connected data source to create an accurate prediction. 

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