The ClearBrain platform doesn't just tell you who is predicted to perform a goal, but also why they are predicted to do so.

When you predict an action in ClearBrain, the platform builds a composite profile of the users who performed the action in the past week, creating the ClearBrain Score for which users are likely to perform the action this week. This composite score combines all your user attributes and assigns a relative weight to each one based on its measured importance to the predicted goal.

With the Sensitivities feature, you can better gauge the relative importance of each attribute yourself. 

Sensitivities represent a percentage change in probability that the average user will perform the goal, if they possess the given attribute. For instance, if the sensitivity for "Referral Source - Facebook" is 23%, then that means that the average user referred from Facebook is 23% more likely to perform the goal.

Sensitivities are ranked from highest to lowest, with the count of users that possess that attribute provided as well.

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