By default, any prediction created will be "Active". That means that prediction's scores will be refreshed every week, and any exports attached to those predictions will continue to be refreshed with new users. 

If you no longer need an export to remain active, but would still like to preserve the prediction history, you can Archive the prediction.   

First, go to the Predictions Tab on your ClearBrain dashboard. From the list of available predictions, select the three-dot icon to the right of the prediction you want to Archive. Once selected, a drop-down modal will appear with options to Archive, Copy, or Delete. 

Select "Archive", the prediction will be transitioned to the Archive subtab. The prediction will no longer be refreshed with new data, but you can always re-enable a prediction from the Archive subtab. 

Note, if you have any active Exports on a prediction when it is archived, those exports will cease to function in the subsequent weeks. 

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