ClearBrain provides a point-and-click UI to select any action as a goal you'd like to predict, and determine which users will perform that action this week.

Simply go to your Predictions Dashboard and click "New Prediction". You will be presented with a Prediction Wizard, which allows you to create predictive audiences from the click of a button.

Underneath the Prediction Goal section, you will see a "Predict by" button. Selecting "Predict by Action" will allow you to create a predictive audience for those users likely to perform a specified action. 

Selecting this option will provide a series of drop-down menus:

  • "Prediction Type": this will indicate whether you want to predict which users "Will Do" an action (conversion) or "Will Not Do" an action (churn). 
  • "Choose Action": select the group of actions you would like to predict from; available types are dependent on your connected sources; e.g. Segment connections allow you to pick from pageviews, tracks, screens
  • "Choose Action Type": select the specific action type you would like to predict; for instance if you selected a Segment track in the previous step, all available tracks will be here

Once you select an Action to predict, and save the prediction, the ClearBrain machine learning pipeline will learn from your users' who performed this action in the past week who is most likely to perform it in the current week.

Predictions take 15 - 30 min on average to complete analyzing. You will be notified by email once the prediction is ready to view.

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