ClearBrain is the first causal analytics platform that enables you to track & forecast any conversion goal, while analyzing which user actions actually cause those goals.  

To predict which of your users are most likely to perform an action, ClearBrain analyzes your users' past actions in relation to the desired goal. This requires tracking your user data via a client or server-side SDK and streaming those data events into ClearBrain. To accelerate the process, we have a couple of different options to get you started, with no lines of code.

Import Your Data

On sign up, you will be walked through an onboarding flow to start importing your user data into ClearBrain. One of the easiest ways to get started is by connecting to your Segment account.

Segment is a Customer Data Infrastructure (CDI) platform, which provides a single API endpoint to track all your user actions. If already integrated with Segment, you can simply click the "Connect with Segment" button in our onboarding flow, and ClearBrain will automatically start to import your tracked Segment user actions and attributes.

Process Your Data

Once you've connected to your Segment data, it will take between 3-7 minutes to get your account set up. During this period of time, we will be automatically collecting and cleaning your data to be imported into ClearBrain, setting up your first conversion goals, and setting up your first funnels.

Note: for alternative methods of connecting your data, see the
Connections section of our Help Docs.

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