ClearBrain enables you to build and analyze any audience, as well as export those audiences to a Facebook Custom Audience. This enables you to automatically retarget any audience in your respective Facebook Ads.

To export your audiences to Facebook, first make sure you have a Facebook Export Connection enabled in your Data - Connections tab. Then proceed to the "Experiments" tab in your ClearBrain instance.

Click the "New Experiment" button, and select the audience you would like to export to Facebook. A popup modal will appear - select the "Ad Experiment" option on the side nav, and you'll be prompted with a couple text fields: 

  • Ad Account: A list of enabled Facebook Connections; select the Ad Account you would like to export to
  • Type: Choose "Standard"
  • Experiment Name: Provide a name for this group of users you would like to export; this will also be the name of the Custom Audience in Facebook
  • Description: An optional field to enter a more detailed description; this will also be the same description associated with the Custom Audience in Facebook

Once the Experiment is saved, a Custom Audience will be automatically created in Facebook. ClearBrain exports a list of hashed email addresses for any associated users selected in the propensity range. Audiences will be exported immediately on export creation, and refreshed every Sunday PM PST. 

Note: exporting your audiences to Facebook is available to Enterprise customers only at this time.

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