With ClearBrain, you can export your predicted users into Hubspot for email retargeting.

To connect your Hubspot account to ClearBrain, please follow these steps.

Step 1: Create a Hubspot Connection in ClearBrain

From the Connections Tab in ClearBrain, click the "Add Connection" button. From the pop-up modal that appears, select the option for "Hubspot".

In the subsequent modal, you will see a field for Connection Name. Enter in a unique name for what you would like to call your Hubspot connection, as this will be the name displayed in ClearBrain.

Click the "Create Connection" button, and you will be redirected to login to your Hubspot account.

Step 2: Authenticate your Hubspot Account

Once logged in to Hubspot, you will see all the Hubspot accounts you have associated with your login. 

Simply select the Hubspot Account you would like to connect to ClearBrain, and you will be redirected back to ClearBrain. 

Your Hubspot and ClearBrain accounts are now connected, and you can export ClearBrain predicted user scores to your Hubspot Account!

Note: Exporting to Hubspot is in beta; if you would like to export to Hubspot, please contact support@clearbrain.com 

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