With ClearBrain, you can export your predicted users into your own Amazon S3 Bucket. 

To connect your Amazon S3 Bucket to ClearBrain, please follow these steps.

Step 1: Create an Amazon S3 Connection in ClearBrain

From the Connections Tab in ClearBrain, click the "Add Connection" button. From the pop-up modal that appears, select the option for "Amazon S3".

In the subsequent modal, you will need to complete the following fields:

  • Connection Name: enter a unique name for your Amazon S3 Connection; this will be the name displayed in ClearBrain
  • Bucket Name: enter the name of the Amazon S3 Bucket you would like ClearBrain to export to; you can find the name in your AWS account (see Step 2)

Once you've entered the Bucket Name, we will update a code block at the bottom of the popup modal. 

Please copy the script in the code block, click "Create Connection", and proceed to Step 2.

Note: make sure you copy the code block only after you have entered a Bucket Name into the respective field.

Step 2: Update your Amazon S3 Bucket policy

Once you've created your S3 Connection in ClearBrain, please go to your S3 Bucket in AWS.

Go to your S3 Bucket, and go to "Permissions" --> "Bucket Policy". In the Bucket Policy, enter the script copied from Step 1 above, and click save. 

After that, you'll be all done, and ready to export ClearBrain predictions into your Amazon S3 Bucket!

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