ClearBrain automatically connects to your user data in Segment. We collect all your Segment identifies, pages, screens, and track events to enable you to analyze any user action you've tracked via Segment. 

Step 1: Create a Segment Connection in ClearBrain

In the ClearBrain app, go to the "Data / Connections" tab, and click the "New Connection" button. Choose the Segment option, and a list of form fields will appear:

  • Connection Name: Give your connection a unique name; this is the name the connection will display with in ClearBrain
  • Source Type: Indicate the type of data you are importing from your Segment project. Types include: Web, iOS, Android

Click "Create Connection", and you will be presented with a series of Follow Up Steps.

In the Follow-up Steps screen, you'll be given your ClearBrain API key which you will use to configure your ClearBrain destination in Segment. To complete this process proceed to your Segment instance.

Step 2: Create an ClearBrain Destination in Segment

Once in Segment, proceed to the Destinations Catalog. Search for the ClearBrain destination and you should find the ClearBrain page (screenshot above).

Click "Configure ClearBrain" within this page, and you'll be prompted to select a Segment Source you have preconfigured. Choose the source of data you would like to send to ClearBrain.

Next, Segment will prompt you to enter the API key you copied in Step 1 from ClearBrain. Simply paste in the API key, and then toggle the connection to enabled. 

Your data will now start flowing from Segment into ClearBrain!

Step 3: Processing your data from Segment

After you've created your Segment + ClearBrain connection, we'll start ingesting your user data. Within 3-7 minutes, your data will be ready in ClearBrain for analysis.

Predictive and Causal insights however require a minimum of 2 weeks of history to provide statistically significant insights. To accelerate this process, you can use Segment's Historical Replay feature. This enables you to send all your historical data to ClearBrain. (Note: Historical Replay is only available on ClearBrain Enterprise plans)

(Optional): Creating a Segment Export Connection

ClearBrain also allows you to export your user audiences back into Segment. 

To do so, go to the Segment UI, and find the API Write Key for the Segment Source you want to export your scores back into. You can find the API Write Key in your Segment Source Settings --> API Keys tab.

With the Write Key copied, return to the ClearBrain UI and return to the Data - Connections tab. Click "add a new Connection" and choose "Export Connections" this time. 

You will be prompted with the following popup modal.

In this modal, you can then paste in the API write key you copied from Segment. 

Note: Exporting data back into Segment from ClearBrain is only available to Enterprise customers at this time.

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